Professional Friendly Instruction

​Ms. Valerie

Private and Group Piano Lessons

Musik Garten



With more than 10 years of experience teaching music lessons, Ms. Valerie provides effective, fun and friendly instruction to her students. Ms, Valerie is motivated by her love of music and her passion to share her knowledge, skills and training with others so their creativity and talent can grow and  shine.

Ms, Valerie offers Private Piano Lessons, Group Piano Lessons,  and is a  Licensed Musik Garten Instructor.  Ms Valerie has a private studio at the Prosser Music Academy Located in Renton.  The Academy is owned by Prosser Piano and Organ located in Tacoma, Wa.  Ms. Valerie will also be offering private and group lessons in Everett, WA starting April 2017.

In addition to teaching lessons at her studio, Ms. Valerie also teaches her Musik Garten program at preschools and hopes to be offering some classes at Churches and community centers  soon. So if you are a preschool director or part of a church or other organization looking to offer Musik Garten classes please contact her.